Lamirah Fashion School offers an advanced course in fashion design and clothing construction. This course is designed for students who have a basic understanding of fashion design and are looking to take their skills to the next level. It covers a range of topics that prepare students for a career in the fashion industry. The course covers advanced fashion design techniques, pattern making, and sewing skills. Students learn how to develop their own unique style and express their creativity through various projects. The course also focuses on the use of technology in fashion design.

In addition to fashion design, the course covers various aspects of clothing construction, such as draping, fitting, and finishing techniques. Students develop an understanding of how to work with different fabrics and materials to create high-quality garments.
The course also covers fashion illustration techniques, trend analysis, and marketing strategies. Students learn how to create fashion sketches and storyboards, as well as develop collections that are in line with current fashion trends.

They also learn how to market their designs and build a brand identity that appeals to their target audience.
Throughout the course, students have access to industry-standard equipment and materials, as well as mentoring and networking opportunities with leading fashion designers and industry professionals.

Graduates of the advanced course at Lamirah Fashion School will have the skills and knowledge needed to launch successful careers as fashion designers, pattern makers, clothing constructors, fashion marketers, or entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. The program helps students develop a creative vision, conceptualize innovative ideas, and translate them into marketable products.
The advanced program at Lamirah fashion school typically covers a wide range of topics, such as fashion theory and history, textiles and materials, fashion illustration and design, fashion marketing and branding, trend forecasting, fashion merchandising, fashion entrepreneurship, and sustainable fashion practices.

During this program, students participate in various projects and assignments, including designing and creating a fashion collection, presenting marketing strategies for a fashion brand, conducting market research, and developing a business plan for a fashion enterprise. They also have the opportunity to attend fashion shows, industry events, and conferences to network with professionals and gain practical experience.
The program aims to prepare students for a successful career in the fashion industry, whether as designers, marketers, buyers, merchandisers, entrepreneurs, or educators. Graduates of the program can pursue a range of career paths, including working for fashion brands or starting their own businesses.

It is a twelve (12) week program .
Here is a sneek peak of our curriculum in our advanced/bridal course
•Veil making •Basque corset Inbuilt corset •Plunging illusion neckline •Faux wrapper •Modesty panel •Waist cinching/snatching techniques Drafting techniques for plus size •Skin tone effect •Boning and variations •Underbust cup bustier •Basic bodice and adaptation •Perfect inseam finishing •Hip and butt padding •Traditional blouse (Igbo blouse) • Embellishment • Dress clouding •DIY bra cup • Dart manipulation pt 2 • Complex Sleeve variations •Design interpretation •Fabric deconstruction •Bust caging •Closures and variations Victorian corset with bust.