The curriculum for a Corset Masterclass typically covers the following topics:

1. INTRODUCTION TO CORSETRY: Students are introduced to the history of corsets and their evolution over time. They will also learn the different styles of corsets, their purposes and the essential toning qualities of each.

2. MATERIALS AND TOOLS: Students will learn about the different materials used in corset making, such as coutil, steel boning, busks, laces, eyelets, and so on. They will also learn about a wide range of supplies and equipment including scissors, needles, thread, rulers, marking pens, and patterns.

3. DRAFTING THE PATTERN : Students will learn how to accurately take measurements, draft a pattern that fits the body perfectly and how to adjust for different body shapes. They will also learn how to alter a commercial pattern to fit their body proportions.

4. MANUFACTURING TECHNIQUES : This is the core of the course, where students learn techniques on how to use the sewing machine to make a straight, flat-felled and princess seams seamlessly. Also, students learn how to fold and pad coutil in the right way.

5. FITTING: Students learn how to fit themselves or a model, adjust the pattern and create a mock-up corset made of a less expensive fabric.

6. BONING: Students will learn how to choose the right steel boning, how to seamlessly add the boning to give a good structure and shape to the corset.

7. FINISHING TECHNIQUES : Students will learn how to add the finishing touches to the corset. This may include lace embellishments, stitching trims, bias binding, ribbon lacing, or beading details around the top and bottom edges.

8. FINAL TOUCHES: Hand-stitching, setting eyelets, and adding bindings to complete the garment.

9. EMBELLISHMENTS: Students learn how to add aesthetically appealing embellishments such as luxury fabrics, lace, embroidery, and custom hand-made trims to give the corset a unique finishing look.

10. QA/QC and QUALITY Assurance: Students learn how to review the finished garment to ensure it’s perfect and identify any last-minute flaws to make necessary adjustments.

Throughout the Corset Masterclass, students are given ongoing feedback and encouragement, and they can expect to leave with a newly created corset, a comprehensive understanding of corsetry, and a sense of accomplishment.



•Drafting and construction of a basic bodice and dress block.
•Construction of a cupped bustier with ready-made bra cup using the contouring principle
•Drafting a basque corset pattern
•Encasing boning with satin, bias or any fabric
•How to create a perfect lacing bar with eyelet
•Waist cinching/snatching techniques
•Making a diy bra cup
•Achieving a perfect inseam finishing
•Basque corset with yoke
•Drafting techniques for plus size


•Adapting a half-scale sloper to an illusion plunging neckline with mesh
•Creating an in built/concealed corset lacing bar
•How to encase boning with embellishments
•Adapting a half scale block to an underbust cup bustier
•Creating lacing bar with modesty panel
•Attaching a lacing bar with modesty panel to a skirt as a gown
•Inbuilt corset


•hook and eye, •busk belly, or •back fastenings, •hand stitching, edge binding techniques, and
•finishing for a sleek look. •Lace up/criss-cross •Zipper •Button and loop
•Drafting, construction and understanding inbuilt/concealed corset boning •Creating a skin tone effect
•Embellishments and sewing techniques
•Drafting and pattern alteration of a full scale block to a victorian corset with and without busk


BUST CAGING TECHNIQUES AND PROJECT •Introduction to bust caging
•Spiral, flat and cable boning techniques
- Creating the necessary trimmings
- Joining and configuring Cage casings
- Boning placement in different designs to achieve the right support and uplift.