The foundation (basic) program at Lamirah fashion school (LFS) is designed for beginners who are looking to gain a foundation in fashion design. This program typically covers a wide range of topics that are essential to the fashion industry, including fashion history, fashion theory, fashion illustration, sewing techniques, patternmaking, and garment construction.
The program usually begins with an introduction to the history of fashion, which provides students with an understanding of the evolution of fashion and its impact on society. This helps students to develop a context for their work, and to start thinking critically about fashion.

Next, students learn about fashion theory, which explores the principles of design and the importance of creating a cohesive and original aesthetic. They also learn about the fashion industry, including the roles of designers, merchandisers, and retailers, and the trends that are shaping the industry.
The program then moves on to practical skills, such as fashion illustration, which is a key tool for communicating a design concept to others. Students learn how to draw figures and clothing in a variety of poses and styles.

Next, students learn how to sew and construct garments, starting with basic techniques such as hemming and finishing, and progressing to more complex techniques such as setting sleeves and collars. They also learn about patternmaking, which involves creating patterns for garments that can be scaled for different sizes and designs.
By the end of the foundation (basic) program at Lamirah fashion school, students will have a solid foundation in the theory and practice of fashion design. They will be able to create their own designs, construct garments, and communicate their ideas to others.

The basic level just like the name is for those who are totally new to the skill of fashion design and for those whose direction in this skill is not defined . Probably, you have learnt from several tutors and do not have a definite technique to employ so causing confusion . This level is super important as the foundation course serves as a springboard on which this skill is built.
At Lamirah fashion School (LFS) , we do not take this level lightly . We work with the pace of the student’s ability and understanding to ensure this level is extensively dealt with.