The intermediate course level at Lamirah fashion school ( LFS) is designed for students who have already completed the basic program or for those who have a certain level of experience in fashion design. This course level builds on the principles and skills acquired in the basic program and focuses on more advanced techniques and concepts.

The intermediate course includes in-depth studies in fashion design and production, exploring themes such as contemporary fashion trends, sustainable fashion practices, and couture techniques. Here, Students learn to develop their own concepts and styles, assimilating research and emerging trends to create unique designs that reflect their personal vision.

In the intermediate course level, students are also introduced to the business side of fashion, exploring the subjects of fashion marketing, merchandising, and branding. Students are taught how to build relationships with clients, pitch their ideas, and find ways to promote their fashion lines to both consumers and the industry.

Furthermore, the intermediate course level emphasizes the technical skills of garment production, including the production of complex patterns, fitting techniques, and construction of specialty fabrics and finishes. As part of the course, students are encouraged to build their own portfolios or collections of styles to showcase their work and advance their careers.

Overall, the intermediate course level at Lamirah fashion school (LFS) is a rigorous and challenging curriculum that helps students develop their unique design processes while building relevant technical and business skills in the fashion industry. The students receive training that sets them apart in the market, and prepares them to continue their studies or pursue careers in various branches of the industry.

Now you have a hang on to fashion designing, understanding the basic complexities , yes are ready to move to the next stage in terms of great professionalism and the ability to express your ideas. With our excellent tutors, you will be guided on how to achieve great finishing, more design conceptualizations etc. You can go commercial, like setting up your own ready - to wear brand, fashion school, bespoke fashion etc.

At the intermediate level, you are now achieving excellence in style interpretation as this course has been designed to give you deeper knowledge and practical skills in women's wear. More complex techniques and processes are learnt.

Here is a sneak peek into our intermediate course: • Dart Manipulation •Peplum (720* , 1080* , 1440* etc ) •Colour block dresses •Sleeves( More complex sleeves and structured variations) • African native blouses •Igbo blouses •Trousers/pants • Jumpsuits • Jackets • Collars • Fashion business/ Entrepreneurship •Dress variations . Panel/peces skirt •Principles of Design •Tier/layered/gypsy dress/skirt •Mullet skirts/dresses