A male fashion design course at Lamirah Fashion School can offer male students the opportunity to learn the basics of creating fashion designs for men. The course is available to students who are interested in pursuing a career in men's fashion or who want to expand their knowledge of fashion design in general.

The course offers a comprehensive approach that enables students to learn everything from understanding fabrics for men to designing and creating new clothing concepts for men.
The male fashion design program at Lamirah Fashion academy contains a three (3) months basic and intermediate intensive structure course modules.

HIGHLIGHTS •Traditional wears • English wears •Shirts •Fashion illustration • Fashion Entrepreneurship •Male kiddies • Suits and jackets • Work uniforms

This course entails great professionalism from our excellent tutors and the ability to express your ideas. You would be guided on how to achieve great finishing, more design conceptualization, how you can go commercial, that is set up your own ready-to-wear brand, fashion school, bespoke fashion.

Achieving excellence in style interpretation as this course has been designed to give you deeper knowledge and practical skills in men's wear. We have developed modern and trending techniques to achieving your desired appeal.


Overall, the Men's Fashion Design Course at Lamirah Fashion School will provide male students with a strong foundation to pursue a career in men's fashion design. By learning the basics of designing, sketching, fabric selection, and sewing, students will gain hands-on experience in creating fashionable looks for men. As a result, students will undoubtedly leave the course with a strong fashion design portfolio and knowledge necessary for a successful career in men’s fashion.